Sou'wester Residency

I just got back from an artist residency at the Sou'wester,  a sweet resort comprised of cabins, vintage travel trailers, and an historic lodge in Seaview, Washington. I went with the goal of creating a little guide to bicycling the Discovery Trail; this multi-use path twists through the dunes, the headlands, and the coastal forests of the Long Beach Peninsula. 

What a great week spent bookmaking and staring at the surf! Every morning, I rode my bike down the winding trail, thinking about the history of the land, watching the changeable weather,  listening to the frogs hop and the snowy plovers skitter, smelling the sea spray, mapmaking, and plotting how to share this path I love in a little handmade pamphlet. Thank you, Sou'wester,  for this chance to focus on creating a little document about an amazing place. 

Here's what I made: 

Head to Long Beach Peninsula, visit the Sou'wester, and get a copy of this pamphlet at their utterly charming Honor Store.  Then, hit the trail!